Merchants of Golf Warranty

Our clubs are manufactured to maintain the highest quality standards and we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on Merchant of Golf clubs to the original purchaser.

Our Warranty Guarantees

Our warranty guarantees that the original purchaser can submit any defective club (or club that becomes defective during normal use) after purchase for a no-cost repair or replacement.

Examples of covered defects are those affecting the product, product components (such as steel and graphite breakage), and original workmanship.

Our warranties do not cover normal wear and tear items, product abuse or theft. These scenarios may result in color fading or paint scratches, dents and dings, cosmetic imperfections, etc. that would not be included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

Any alterations or adjustments made to the clubs (for example re-gripping or re-shafting, alterations of loft and lie, or engraving) will void the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is also voided if harsh cleaning products and/or techniques are used that result in damage to the original surface and finish.

If you experience a defect and wish to utilize the warranty option, please return the item to the retailer where you purchased the club.

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