Tour X Stainless

Tour X Stainless Steel putters feature a milled face, delivering unparalled precision and accuracy on the green. The milled face creates a consistent and uniform surface, allowing for optimal ball control and roll. This results in a smoother and more controlled stroke, giving you the confidence to sink those crucial putts.


Available Options:2001- RH- 35″, 2004- RH- 35″, 2005- RH- 35″, 2009- LH- 35″, 2010- RH- 35″

Tour X Black

The Tour X Black Putters are equipped with a no-glare finish, ensuring optimal visibility and reducing distractions caused by unwanted reflections. With a wide range of meticulously crafted styles to choose from, these putters cater to all individual preferences and playing techniques, allowing you find the perfect match for your game. The oversized grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, allowing for a more controlled and accurate stroke.


Available Options: 110- RH- 35″, 220- RH- 35″, 330- RH- 35″, 440- LH- 35″, 550- RH- 35″, 660- RH- 35″, 770- RH- 35″

Tour X USA

Embodying the spirit of patriotism, the Tour X USA Putters proudly showcase a distinctive design that pays homage to the great nation of the United States. Furthermore, these putters are equipped with a soft insert, ingeniously incorporated to enhance the overall feel and responsiveness. This innovative technology ensures a harmonious connection between the clubface and the golf ball, resulting in a smooth and consistent roll on the greens. The oversized grip offers a secure and stable hold, enabling golfers to execute their strokes with the utmost confidence and finesse.


Available Options: #1- RH- 35″, #2- RH- 35″, #3- RH- 35″

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